Overcoming Domestic Violence

by: Zariah Valentine

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Many individuals all around the world face domestic violence. Domestic violence includes behaviors that physically harm, intimidate, manipulate, or control a partner. Verbal, physical, emotional, and technology abuse can all be signs of domestic violence. Multiple forms of abuse are often times present at once in an abusive situation. It is important to recognize the signs of relationship abuse. Possessive and controlling behaviors do not always appear initially at the beginning of a relationship. It often emerges and intensifies as the relationship grows. Therefore, it is crucial to get help and support from resources that are beneficial.

We recently hosted “Don’t Love Me to Death” that inquired great information on domestic violence. On this zoom call Beverly Vercher and Freda Campbell shared their stories about their experiences with domestic violence. With both of their experiences, they help others that are going through similar situations get support and help. On the zoom call we went into breakout rooms to discuss more beneficial information. Mrs. Beverly shared with us on code words that she uses when helping victims in need. When a victim calls her saying “lashes” that means that the victim is arguing with their partner. “The lashes won’t stick I need glue” which means that the argument is escalating. “Will you put the lashes on me” means that the victims need Berverly or police help to get out of the situation. Berverly set all these things in place to help these victim’s get out of a difficult situation.

We also got to hear factual information and statistics from the students at VCOM. We also got to get the perspective of 2nd hand domestic violence from Tamyra Fernanders who witnessed her niece go through it in which lead to her death. Tamyra started the foundations after her niece Queenie died at the hands of domestic violence, Forever23. Safe Homes and Safe Harbor also shared beneficial information and helpful resources that they offer to victims in need. It is essential to get help when going through a dangerous situation such as domestic violence, and most importantly to share your story with victims to break the stigma of being silent.

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