Fatherless children are nine times more likely to drop out of school. We’re reversing that trend.

Tutoring and Building Study Skills involves helping students build the skills they need to succeed. From note-taking and homework skills to time management and test preparation, this practice assists in helping students achieve academic success.

Tutoring Services (By Appointment; Weekly or As-Needed)

Begin by identifying students’ needs. According to their needs students are able to ask ongoing questions about homework in a particular subject area, in which they may need help in.  Whether it is and teacher, an approved college student, or high school senior, we will match the student with a tutor according to their needs.

There are certain skills that students need in order to complete their homework that may not be taught at home or within the school curriculum. Students may need help developing these supplementary skills.

Our tutors will

  • Help students establish goals and timelines that break their assignments and projects down into smaller parts.
  • Form an open communication policy with educators and parents to establish their needs.
  • Help students determine what information they will need to study for quizzes or tests and practice answering anticipated questions with them.
  • Provide educational resources to promote knowledge and study skills.
  • Help students form healthy study habits.


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