Phyllecia Johnson

Squad Leader/ Director

Hey my name is Phyllecia Nickole Johnson and I am a graduate of SCSU the greatest HBCU ever. I am a communications major that decided to live life through my experiences and travel to learn more about my divine self! I believe that young women of color are queens and should be always be seen in every aspect of life because we are “Life”! My desire for adventure has ignited my passion for traveling. Being a wanderlust,
traveling has awarded Phyllecia the opportunity to experience new places, different cultures, their foods, and different ways of living. Phyllecia takes much pride in pouring and investing into her community be it real estate or mentoring young girls. She takes pride in being a positive role model that encourages and supports her girls to be their authentic self, unapologetically! One of her favorite quotes by Maya Angelou.. “If you are always normal you will never know how AMAZING you can be”

Phyllecia Johnson


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