Squad Leader

Hey y’all! My name is Madison but I go by Maddy. I am from Newport News, Virginia and I moved to Columbia, SC not too long ago. I am a rising junior at the University of South Carolina Upstate majoring in exercise science & pre physical therapy. After I graduate in 2024, I hope to pursue my career in athletic training for either the NFL, NBA, college basketball, or college football. I also have an interest in owning my own physical therapy practice someday. I hope to inspire kids to further their education because I think it will definitely help them get far in life and allow them to experience and try new things. I grew up with a father but my parents had got divorced and that is my reason for being a part of Bloom Upstate Inc. today. I wish I had these types of resources and support when I was going through a tough time with my parents separation. Because I didn’t have a support system like Bloom growing up, I want to be that for the young ladies we mentor and lead today. I want to show them that it is okay and that it shouldn’t deter them from being who they want to be or make them feel down. I also happen to be an only child which made it a little harder on my part. Being a big sister and someone they can confide in and talk to when times get rough, when they are feeling down, or even in a good mood is my ultimate goal. I want to make not just the girls , but everyone feel worthy!


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